Road trip to California

As our first Container is on it’s way! And before it arrives we gotta go to California meeting Agnes and let everything ready for her work in there! Wow, from Tulsa to California? A road trip sound such a great ideia though! There we go!

We left Tulsa on a Thursday morning to Albuquerque. A little bit more than 8 hours driving an there we were!


On the next morning we visited some roasters in there, and it was such a great day! People in New Mexico are very friendly. We dropped off some samples! By the way, let us know if you would like to receive one of our coffee sample too, email us to, it will be a pleasure for us to send it to you.


Leaving Albuquerque, our next destination was Barstow, and then, LA! Let’s to drive for more 9 hours! In Barstow we basically slept and on nest morning we only visited one roaster and left to LA.


We arrived in LA on October 13th, just in time to grab a concert of her favorite band! 😉IMG_0911

Alright, the picture is not good at all, she wasn’t worried about it though. The concert was awesome! On Sunday, we…




Had our meeting with Agnes! Lol!!!


And now, Bertagna Coffee Co. has a team member in California! We are proudly to present you Mrs. Agnes Gasner ❤

Are you a roaster from CA or surround states? You can call or e-mail Agnes and she will be ready to attend you!

Mrs. Agnes Gasner, Bertagna Coffee Team CA: (949) 276-1841

And, now, let us know: did you ever made a road trip? How much coffee did you need for it?